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seeing beauty in all things



A guy once told me that clichés are only clichés because writers, actors, artists, humans have grasped the exact feeling of humans with the perfect amount of words. It’s as though when you read a definition in the dictionary there’s no other way to describe that word so perfectly as the…


Things to be excited about

the release of On The Road, because it looks like they did such a good job turning one of my favorite novels into a film

getting a crescent moon tattoo

walking the streets of manhattan with friends (I HOPE) soon.  (picture from a friend who’s there now)

Counterpoint in the fall! The new music festival (ok this one’s a little farther off) in Atlanta this September.  I’ll be camping out with a lot of the same friends from Bonnaroo, plus some more.  Remember our awesome campsite? It’s only going to get better.

moving into a new apartment, starting school and classes I’ll enjoy, friends returning that were gone all summer…………………..

but I don’t want summer to ever end!


Last week, 7 friends and I packed up our cars and drove to Manchester, Tennessee for one of the happiest places on earth- Bonnaroo!  It was 4 days of music and beautiful people all bonding over the experience.  It truly was unlike any other time and place.  I wish we could always live in Bonnaroo Land where everyone smiles and makes friends.  There’s no judgement or anger.  What is there to get mad about?  Live music is constantly playing around every corner.  And not just any music– some of my favorite bands! Radiohead, Bon Iver, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phish, City and Colour….. ah I want to still be there!

Here’s most of our crew

beautiful sunset on the first night (Source)

Jami and I

at Childish Gambino

Bon Iver

the giant heads- our meeting spot



It’s a Shame Really…

It’s a shame really

All the best times of my life

And the people I had the most fun with

And fell the hardest for

I have no written record of

Because I was too busy with them to write a word

Even though they are always the most inspiring ones

It’s a shame really

But it shouldn’t ever change

It means I’m living

(picture is from bonnaroo, by my friend source)

loving this beat

…called “Don’t Know Why” by my friend Rhett.  I love his soundcloud. But this one’s my favorite right now.


The countdown begins… 6 days until we head to Tennessee for BONNAROO!! It’s a cliche but I’m amazed how fast this summer is already passing me by.  I’ve been out of class for a month and just started summer courses.  Everyday is just one thing after the other… I’ve been very busy with spending days on the beach by Lake Ackworth, wasting time on the river, playing Mellow Mushroom trivia and surrounding myself with friends I love.  Very hectic and stressful.

Aside from all these things,I want to read and paint and write as much as possible.  I picked up a few books last time I was at the thrift store and I want to read each of them.

I finally worked on a painting I started a while ago… it’s still a work in progress.  Also it’s on cardboard because it was all I had.


Here’s a clip from an old favorite movie that I have misplaced so therefore want to watch it more than ever- Almost Famous.  I love it when they all sing together.

living’s easy

We floated the river nearby yesterday.  The Etowah River.  I love summer and the sun and how easy it is to have fun doing nothing.  Because you can more easily use your surroundings and use less of everything in this season.  Nonstop music and friends and books and as little TV as possible (especially now that I have no Netflix I really won’t be watching anything) .  It’s amazing how naturally happy it all makes you.  It takes so little if you let it.

I couldn’t bring my camera on the river but here are some instagram shots.

found friends

afterwards- happy, sunkissed and tired

The Great Gatsby Movie


I have a whole new reason to count down to Christmas this year.  The Great Gatsby is going to be a movie.  available for our viewing pleasure Christmas 2012.  This trailer blows me away and I cannot wait to see the film.  Now I must re-read the book for the first time in a few years… But this reminded me of all my favorite details and moments in the novel.  The fake books, the neuroses, the East and West eggs, the green light, and Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy.  Can’t wait to see how they make this story come together in a film with music and Leonardo….. I mean it looks pretty much perfect.

Can’t Stop Watching…


This is so great.  It made me so happy just watching it.  Makes you want to dance.

“When I was a girl my life was music that was always getting louder…”

“Never take it seriously, you never get hurt. Never get hurt, you can always have fun. And if you ever get lonely, you just go to the record store and visit all your friends.”– Penny Lane, Almost Famous

A few months ago I read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close , and found it to be one of the most inspiring things I had ever read.  I kept a piece of paper with me to right down quotes I needed to remember, or even just scribble my thoughts so I wouldn’t forget how I felt while reading it.  I just came across those notes today.  Reading them reminded me how powerful literature can be.  If you haven’t read it yet, you need to!!

One point I jotted down between chapters was inspired by the character of the Grandmother in the book, and by conversations I have had with so many of my friends.  (The title of this post is a quote from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by the Grandmother.)

-Do not suffer but live joyously.  Live without regrets, and remember that the little things happen now and mean so much will one day be a faint memory, so that maybe you can forget them sooner.  Remember the good; throw out the bad.  One happy memory after another.  Go after what you want because if you learn to live this way, it’s always worth the risk.  We forget how much control we have over our own happiness- it is a choice.  Love a lot and grieve fast; don’t think about it too much and be open to anything.  I think this is a recipe for unforgettable moments and a long lasting joy.-

An old favorite I can’t get enough of lately: